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CSTD - Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance

Exam classes are the best way for your child to gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals of dance with a goal of sitting an exam. Classes are structured to work through the basics of technique to form a stronger and neater dancer.

Students will learn modern jazz, tap, ballet (or acro), singing & theory. Exams being taken in 3 branches—Performing Arts, Tapping Medals & Classical Ballet.

Exams are held at the studio in August with an outside examiner.

Reports, certificates & medals are given on completion of a grade.

Students need to take 3-4 classes a week for correct exam study (Jazz, tap, ballet, acro, MT) Also taking part in competitions will improve the performance part of your dance training which is very important in your exams. Students need to train in all styles of dance to sit these exams successfully. Classes need to be attended regularly and taken seriously if you intend on sitting the exams and to do well.

Students must wear correct dance attire. Leotards, crop tops, bike shorts only. No t-shirts or baggy clothes. Studio colours or uniform preferred.

Pumps, jazz and tap shoes are required and a display file to put all theory sheets in.

Please see Fiona for your correct class.

Order of Exams:

Performing Arts Grades

Classical Ballet

Tapping Medals

Teaching Diplomas